There are 5 types of parking options at Melbourne Airport, they include valet, premium, terminal car park, long term, and value car park.

Valet Parking: Simply drive up and hand over the keys. There will always be someone available to take care of you and your car 24/'re always guaranteed a car park. At $45 enjoy a car wash too.

Premium Car Park: Enjoy the best spot in the house. Premium bays are located closest to the terminal walkways, so you can be on your way in no time. It's the quickest self-park option.

Terminal Car Park: Our convenient at terminal car parks make parking quick and straightforward. It's the perfect choice for business trips or short getaways and it's just minutes from all terminals. Keep your car protected from the weather by parking undercover. On pre-booking, you get amazing deals.

Long Term Parking: If you're planning on staying a while, or simply looking for the cheapest price, this is the type of car park for you. The longer you stay, the less you'll pay per day. You'll be at the terminal before you know it with our free 24/7 shuttle bus service departing every 5 minutes.

Value Car Parking: Budget options for picking up and dropping off loved ones, or when going on a holiday during busy school holidays. Value Car Parks include our FREE 24/7 shuttle bus that departs to and from the terminals every 10 minutes.